Using Telepresence Robots In School: Missingschool On 10 News First

We’re so inspired by two of our amazing students and their families who spoke to 10 News last week!

Year 12 student, Breana, with cystic fibrosis, and a school attendance record of 40 percent, shared her story. Breana started using one of MissingSchool’s telepresence robots halfway through Year 7 and this year started Year 12. She was one of the first students to be supported by MissingSchool and has been able to utilise the telepresence robot service across three different schools.

Not letting her illness get in the way of her education, Breana has pushed through any resistance and kept up amazing work in the face of adversity. It is so powerful to hear her share her experiences.


“You can speak with your friends, do group projects, listen to the teachers, and work on things that you wouldn’t be able to do at home by yourself. Everyone should have the chance to continue school without having to worry about how something out of their control is holding them back.”

– Breana


Even though, when she is sick, she may miss as many as three out of every five days at school, Breana’s persistence in using the robot has given her access to so much that she would have missed.

We’re so grateful to 10 News for showcasing this story and giving these students the platform to be seen and their voices to be heard.

You can watch the full segment here:



A telepresence robot has also made a difference to 8-year-old Xavier, with juvenile arthritis. Xavier is now able to ‘teleport’ into school on days he is receiving treatment in hospital or when he’s too unwell to be there physically. It’s also eased the load on his family too.


“When he’s logged into the robot, I’m able to work from home really effectively.”

– Lisa, Xavier’s mum


Xavier is what Lisa calls an “extreme extrovert” – he thrives on human connection and social interaction. He lights up when he connects with his classmates like this. Now in Year 4, Xavier uses a telepresence robot to attend school, on average, one day per week.

Head here to see what Xavier likes most about his robot!

This is a perfect example of the kinds of change that we can achieve when we work together. Our connection to our community is vital, and it would be impossible for us to stay the course without your incredible support.

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Let’s keep connecting.

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