Support and solidarity in tough times.

Support and solidarity in tough times.

From a suburban living room to a nationwide mission.

In February 2012, three Canberra mothers met in a suburban living room to celebrate their children’s recovery from long and frightening critical illness. They were also there to discuss their concerns about the impact of those illnesses on their children’s friendships and schooling. Each child’s illness had been different but they shared a common experience of deep anxiety, loneliness, and isolation after missing school for more than a year.

Cathy Nell, Gina Meyers and Megan Gilmour realised that there was no framework in place to support their children’s need for ongoing connection with their teachers, classmates and learning through their schools.

From that meeting, MissingSchool was born, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the educational and social needs of children who miss school because of serious illness or injury, and to exploring ways of supporting these kids, their families, their teachers and peers, and their learning through their toughest times.

Our mission

We are working to solve the academic and social isolation facing kids with serious physical and mental illness and injury when they miss school.

our mission

Our impact in numbers

Since 2018, an estimated 5,010 classmates have reconnected through the deployment of over 167 robots, 501 teachers have been trained in their use, and 1,670 teachers have been observing.
Schools totalling 11,100 teachers and 98,700 students have hosted our technology modelling innovative inclusion practices to siblings, peers, and parents in school communities where sick and absent students are supported with telepresence.
Across Australia, MissingSchool has partnered with ~2,500 people in families and schools through thousands of interactions, trained over 2,130 teachers, conducted 481 surveys and 344 long-form interviews, and curated 4,000+ points in evidence.

Our team


Who Are They Report

This national-first report into the challenges facing more than 60,000 Australian kids who miss school because of serious illness or injury started a national conversation on their right to an education on equal terms to their peers and the benefits of maintaining connection with their schools.
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