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Our community and corporate partners help keep brighter futures alive through
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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the significant impact that education gaps and lack of access to peers are having on the current generation of Australian children.

However, there is a growing cohort of children who miss school as a result of chronic physical or mental health disorders that are still being overlooked.

Up to 30% or ~1,200,000 school students across Australia may be facing an illness serious enough to affect their education and attendance, with 14% having a mental disorder. Over 70,000 students face chronic school absence because of a physical illness alone. Futures are at stake.

While they're fighting for their lives, your support can help save hearts and minds.

We have three ways to arm our partners


Donate or start a funding campaign to keep seriously sick kids connected to their education, everywhere in Australia, every day.


Every child deserves to be seen and heard so please help us raise their visibility and voices by joining the campaign to create change.


Become a corporate sponsor, funding or pro bono partner, and bring your gifts and genius to the table to take change further.

Know a child who needs support?

If a sick kid you know needs school support, our team is on standby to answer any questions you may have. Simply fill out the form or call us on 1300 237 234.


    Raise support
    Raise support

    Grab our guide to help you start fundraising in your school community to support sick kids in tough times who miss their learning, friends, and fun.

    Share the campaign
    Share the campaign
    Share the work of MissingSchool with friends, family and on social media so we can get sick kids seen and heard and back to school.
    Brand partners and sponsors
    From cause marketing to payroll giving, through to sponsorships and product promotion, we can give sick kids the same chance as others.

    Set up your fundraiser

    Schools, hospital schools, and education systems around Australia are working with MissingSchool to connect students with serious illness with their learning, teachers, and peers when they miss school.

    To kickstart a campaign in your school, workplace or community, sign up as a fundraiser.

    7 ways you can make an impact as a fundraiser


    Give up your presents and host a birthday party, anniversary party or another special occasion that makes a difference to sick kids.

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    Host a pop-up concert featuring local performers/comedians at your workplace, school or community group.

    np_bike_4730573_000000 1

    Create a challenge like a 500 km bike ride, a 100 km walk and inspire your friends to join you to raise funds.

    np_run_2828015_000000 1

    Join a community fun run or event and ask your friends and community to sponsor you.

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    Host a free dress day at your school and theme it to honour kids who are missing school.

    np_prize_1175339_000000 1

    Host an on or offline auction and invite businesses to donate prizes.

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    If you own a business, host a day where a percentage of your sales is donated to MissingSchool.

    5 simple steps to set you up for fundraising success


    Get your community on board. If you want to run a fundraiser through your school, workplace or community group, contact us to help with campaign set up and make your case for action.


    Set up your fundraiser. Invite your friends and family through your social networks and pick up the phone to invite them to events or activities you are hosting.


    Drive your progress. Share a link to the campaign or donations page and post progress on what you’re doing to raise funds to inspire others to join you and donate.


    Get the message out. Do a press release about your fundraiser and send it to your local newspaper. Don’t forget community, school and workplace newsletters and blogs.


    Keep posting campaign updates! Let people know how you’re doing, acknowledge each and every donor and share your success widely.
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