Touring For The Churchill Fellowship

Our Chair, Megan Gilmour is counting down the days until she embarks on a Churchill Fellowship for MissingSchool. The Fellowship is enabling us to study what other countries do to keep seriously sick kids connected to their education, schools, peers and teachers.



Telepresence technologies will be a big focus in the discovery process. Megan will visit Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Canada. Her findings will be used to inform our governments, educators and health professionals not only on what’s possible, but what is already happening, every day, elsewhere

Most importantly, the Churchill Fellowship will continue to raise public awareness of the needs of sick kids and their families in keeping connections with the regular school.

We will keep going until sick kids get what they are entitled to, and the connection happens for every sick kid, every day, everywhere in Australia.

Megan recently met the Governor-General and he said he is looking forward to hearing what we find, and how it makes a difference. (photo courtesy of Arthur Mostead)

It is true that we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (Australia)

keeps on giving. We are so grateful for the opportunity the Trust is giving us


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