Tech, Transitions, and Triumphs: A Guide to Closing Out the School Year

🤔 That end of year feeling settling in? 🤔

It’s the last day of November we are counting down to the end of another school year! In these last few weeks of term, it’s a good time to consider how to navigate this phase, particularly for students with complex health conditions who are absent from school.

Below we share six points to consider as we close out 2023 and look forward to a successful transition into 2024.


You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. ~ Dr. Seuss.


Set Goals and Academic Reflection

For students with complex health conditions, parents and educators, now is a good time to think about any academic goals you may have for the last weeks of term. Many students will have achieved their academic goals for the year, such as final exams or assignments. However, for those with specific needs, it might be wise to plan for 2024 adjustments in these final weeks. Then again, the goal might just be to make it to the end of the term and that’s fine, too!


Maintain Social Connections

We know that social connections are crucial, particularly for students facing complex health situations or extended absences from school. In the last weeks of schools, identifying opportunities for social connection at school, through technology – so friendships with classmates are solid before the term ends – can help. It can be harder to connect over the school holidays, and class groups may change in the new year, so we encourage students and families to plan ways to keep connections strong through the break.


Plan For Absent Students To Join End Of Year Events

It’s easy to overlook inclusion of students who are absent in the symbolic events that mark the end of the school year. Whether it’s a special assembly, a graduation ceremony, or a class party, these events play a crucial role in signaling and celebrating the transition from one academic year to the next. If a student is absent, school and family can work together to ensure they can participate in these meaningful occasions through technology.


A Guide to Closing Out the School Year


Plan For School Transitions

The majority of students will experience a transition from one school year to the next. This may be changing school years, moving from primary school to high school, or finishing or changing schools. This is an excellent time to reconsider suitability of the student’s current individual learning plan (ILP) or adjustments plan. At the opening of the school year, you may wish to reset or reconfirm adjustments. If a student is supported by MissingSchool and will be enrolled at a different school in 2024, please let us know so we can work with the new school and facilitate a smooth transition of technology and support services.


MissingSchool Support From One School Year To The Next

If your child is supported by MissingSchool technology, rest assured that we will liaise with the school regarding staffing changes or adjustments to the technology plan in 2024. We also work with schools to make sure telepresence robots are stored safely and maintained over the holiday period so they’re ready to roll in the new school year.


Celebrate Achievements!

As the school year comes to a close, take the time to celebrate the achievements of students with complex health conditions. Acknowledge their academic progress, friendships, and their resilient journey through health and education challenges. Every single one of these students is a champion. If you’re a parent or teacher, please remember to celebrate your role in keeping this young person connected to school in difficult circumstances.


From Us To You

To the students with complex health conditions, your perseverance in the face of your health challenges is remarkable. Thank you for showing us how to be brave. You are our reason for being.

Parents and educators, your role in supporting these incredible students cannot be overstated. We witness your compassion and strength and celebrate our partnership with you.


At MissingSchool, we know how the power of community can galvanise and empower everyone. Together, we can foster an environment where every child feels like they belong. It would be impossible for us to stay the course without your incredible support. There are many ways to help:

Every action moves us closer to the finish line: a world where every sick child is seen and heard at school.

Let’s keep connecting.

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