Robot Helped Drive Nadja’s Dream

As students and teachers across Australia are getting back into the swing of classrooms after school holidays, get ready to be inspired by Nadja, a resilient student who turned the tide of their education journey with the help of our telepresence robot service.


“I feel like I’m actually in class!”

– Nadja


By the time they reached year 12, Nadja had missed several years of school. Living with Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy made attending regular school extremely hard, and mental health issues compounded the challenge.

Being out of school made Nadja miserable. They missed seeing their girlfriend in Computer Science, missed the daily interaction with their friends, and missed attending their much loved Philosophy classes.

Nadja’s aspiration was to pursue a Philosophy degree in university, with the ultimate dream of one day becoming Prime Minister. Having missed much of grades 9, 10, and 11, they knew they had to work hard to achieve their goals. Philosophy class, in particular, required in-person participation for group discussions and, at the time, Nadja didn’t have access to a suitable individual education plan.

While Nadja was registered for distance education for some subjects, it wasn’t feasible for them to participate in Philosophy or Computer Science, two of the most vital subjects for their future. Nadja’s mum had even joked that she’d happily put an iPad on a wheelchair to be a “virtual Nadja”. When they found out about the telepresence robot service from MissingSchool, it was like hitting the jackpot. We didn’t waste a moment in getting the robot to Nadja’s school.



The telepresence robot was a game-changer for Nadja from the get-go. They were thrilled to feel as though they were right there in the classroom. In Computer Science, Nadja was able to share their code with the teacher instantly, receiving real-time feedback. This was a big deal for their learning. They reconnected with their girlfriend and friends – talk about a win-win!

Meanwhile, in Philosophy class, Nadja became a keen contributor, always eager to share their thoughts and opinions and soak up all the lessons. The robot gave them a sense of freedom and connection that just wasn’t possible with regular remote learning. You could say they were over the moon!

In the end, the robot was a lifesaver for Nadja. It put passing their two Level-3 subjects within reach. Now Nadja is kicking back and enjoying a well-earned gap year, and they’re planning to continue their education soon.

And hey, if one day Nadja decides to run for Prime Minister, we’ll be the first in line ready to cast our votes!

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