Research Into Students Missing School Gains Media Attention

In 2015, MissingSchool commissioned, co-authored and launched Australian-first research on the issue at Parliament House. That research discovered a minimum of 60,000 students in Australia who miss school often or for long periods because of serious illness. It got the attention of a nation (162 media articles, just head to our Media section), a Prime Minister’s letter of support, support from the National Children’s Commissioner, and was sent to over 80 politicians across Australia. “It is a sad fact that many young people in Australia suffer conditions which take them away from school. Maintaining a connection with peers and friends during such times can be crucial for a student’s social and emotional wellbeing, while continuing academic progress is optimal for long-term commitment to learning.” Meetings with the Prime Minister’s office and the offices of the Ministers for Education and Health, secured follow on research and put the issue on a national agenda. It started a national conversation that will continue until the educational needs of sick kids are fully met.


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