Rekindling Magic Moments For Sick Kids

Whenever we talk to parents and schools about kids who are really sick and can’t go to school, there’s one thing they always tell us – these kids miss their friends. And it always makes me happy when we can find ways for them to stay connected to their friends, in and outside of school.

See, even if sick kids can’t physically attend school, we can help them build connections that keep their friendships strong. The last few years have been tough for so many kids, which is why Will’s story hits a home run.


“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.”

~Winnie the Pooh


Will was in Year 6 when he was diagnosed with cancer, and it turned his life upside down. He missed school a lot during his treatment, but what he missed the most was being with his friends and having that special bond.

Missing so much school began to take a toll on Will’s self-esteem and friendships started to slip away … right when Will needed them the most.

Caught in a negative cycle, it became harder for Will to stay motivated in both his education and social interactions. After being stuck at home for six months without seeing his friends, Will’s family contacted us to help Will connect with his friends from home.



Right from the start, Will was excited about the telepresence robot and thought it was “amazing,” as he told his dad. Will’s teacher was incredibly supportive and made sure he could use the robot to stay connected with his lessons and friends. Our team worked hard to solve any technical issues and provided guidance and support to both the family and the school.

Being able to reconnect with his schoolmates through the robot has had a tremendously positive affect on Will’s mental wellbeing. He could see everyone in his class, and it made a world of difference for how he felt about himself.

In the photo, you can see Will using the telepresence robot to hang out with two of his friends from school. Seeing the joy on these faces, when they’re together again, is why we do this work.

One of the best things about telepresence technology is that it helps kids to reconnect with their friends and maintain those friendships, even when they can’t physically be there. It’s that simple.

Building and maintaining important friendships requires a community that cares. If you also want to help create more special moments like these, please consider making a donation today.

There are many ways to help:

Every action moves us closer to the finish line: a world where every sick child is seen and heard.

Let’s keep connecting.

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