Notification Of Committee Vacancies


(Notice served 28 March 2018) Two vacancies have arisen on the Management Committee, following the recent resignation of Cathy Nell and the resignation of Hugh Dixon who has taken up the position of Public Officer. We thank Cathy for her years of service to Missing School, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours. An election to fill these vacancies will be held on 11 April 2018. Members of Missing School are encouraged to consider nominating for the position of Treasurer or the position of Management Committee member who leads informing the efforts of educators, health providers, governments, and the community. Please contact either Megan Gilmour ( ) or Megan Jackson ( ) to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the positions. Nominations, endorsed by two other Missing School members, must be received in writing (or via email) by 5pm, 4 April 2018.



To the Secretary Missing School Inc (

I, ________________________________________________________ nominate for the position of Treasurer/ Member of Missing School Management Committee (cross out which does not apply). I am a member of Missing School.

Signature: Endorsement 1


Signature Endorsement 2

Name: Signature



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