Little Big Steps

This is what we see and hear when kids connect to their classrooms and classmates through their robot. This is exactly why we do the work we are doing. OhmniLabs — This kid!! He has been through hell and back the past 7 months. Scary, frightening, painful, hell.

But this smile!! Amidst the tests, the tubes, the poking and prodding. He can still smile. It is not always a happy place. But there are times, where glimpses of life sparkle again in his eyes. And none more so than when he is connected. To his classmates. To his *normal* life. We are so lucky to have access to some amazing technology through MissingSchool who help keep seriously sick kids connected to their regular schools and get their special learning and social needs met through everyday practices. Through classroom based Robots, Lochie can hear, see and participate in daily school life, from his hospital bed. Another wonderful way technology can help kids with cancer Together, we can make a change and Little Big Steps is all for supporting any technology advancement that can help better support kids living with cancer x

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