How Telepresence Robots Can Help Kids Stay In School: Inspiring Hope, One Student At A Time

“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.”

― Angela Duckworth

Change doesn’t always come quickly or easily; it often requires perseverance and determination. This sentiment holds true in various aspects of life, especially when it comes to making a positive impact on the lives of others. As the back-to-school season commences, we’re reminded of the children who cannot physically be present in classrooms due to illness or isolation. However, amidst these challenges, there are stories of hope and transformation that exemplify the life-changing power of our collective efforts to ensure that every sick child receives access to learning and connection. In this first blog on our brand new website, I want to share one such story.


Ethan’s Journey


A Story of Triumph over Adversity

At the heart of this narrative is Ethan, a young student who faced the debilitating effects of a complex disease. His journey was one of struggle, isolation, and missed opportunities for education. His life took a turn in Year 11 when he was diagnosed with a disease which required regular support, even writing essays became a challenge for him. Lacking a presence in the classroom, it was incredibly difficult for him to maintain his academic work, and he was desperate to get back to the classroom to keep up with his studies. But through the support of innovative technology and a caring community, it became a turn for the better.


Introducing the School Telepresence Robot Service

When Ethan’s mother enrolled him in the school telepresence robot service, it opened doors to new possibilities. This groundbreaking technology allowed Ethan to virtually attend classes and interact with his teachers and peers from the confines of his home. The robot became his avatar, facilitating his active participation in the educational process.

Through this advanced technology, Ethan could see and hear everything that happens in real-time, participate in class discussions, and even interact with teachers and peers. The robot became an extension of him, allowing him to move around the classroom and engage in activities just as if he were physically present. This innovative solution not only ensured continuity in his education but also fostered a sense of belonging and emotional support, as he remained an integral part of his school community. With the telepresence robot by his side, Ethan could continue his learning journey with confidence and feel empowered to conquer any challenges that came his way.


Empowering Through Compassion: Ethan’s Gratitude

When Ethan graduated from Year 12 after many years of heroic effort, he expressed his gratitude to his principal for the incredible opportunity he’d been given for his education to flourish:

“Your compassion has let me complete my education and have the same chance as everyone else and I will never forget this.”

Regardless of the challenges, every student’s journey matters. With telepresence robots, we have a golden opportunity to ensure that every child is Seen and Heard.

Teacher Wendy and Student Ethan with the telepresence robot that helped him graduate.


School Telepresence Robots in a Supportive Ecosystem


The Supportive Ecosystem: Physicians, Principals, Teachers, and Peers

Ethan’s success story wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative effort of various stakeholders. From the initial support of his physician to the engagement of his principal and the inclusivity of his teachers, the school telepresence robot service became a seamless addition to his educational journey. Moreover, the warmth and acceptance of his peers played a crucial role in making him feel valued and included.

Ethan’s music teacher emerged as a source of inspiration and support throughout his journey. This example illustrates the significant role teachers play in nourishing both academic and emotional growth in students. The relationships built in the educational setting are essential in fostering a sense of purpose and belonging.


MissingSchool’s Telepresence Robots

MissingSchool was able to help Ethan throughout the whole process by providing a point of liason to teachers, healthcare professionals, and of course, Ethan and his family. By helping with the technical aspects, offering insight about best practices in education, and keeping in constant communication with everyone, we could ensure that the telepresence placement went seamlessly. Having every point of support on the same page is invaluable to building a strong and connected community to ensure that the journey through a health crisis goes as smoothly as it can.



The Impact of Ongoing School Connection

Ethan’s experience demonstrates that consistent school connection can have a profound impact on a sick child’s overall wellbeing and academic growth. The telepresence robot not only bridged the physical gap but also provided emotional and social support during a challenging phase in Ethan’s life. The belief that his education mattered gave him the strength to persevere through his health battle.


Why School Connection Matters

There is a huge wealth of research to show that connection to school is absolutely invaluable. We know that it’s an essential component of academic journeys, but it also has vital emotional strengths too. School connection can help students feel less lonely and isolated, and help maintain their friendships. We even know that school connection can improve the recovery from serious illnesses like cancer by lowering stress and empowering students to control their own lives. The telepresence robot service is an invaluable tool to change the future of sick kids across Australia.


Telepresence Robots: Beyond the Classroom

The impact of telepresence robots extends far beyond the school environment. Their potential reaches into various sectors, including medical settings and social interactions, providing opportunities for individuals with disability to connect with their friends, or helping people with anxiety stay engaged with school or work. They highlight just how powerful it is to be able to connect with other humans, and maintain friendships and relationships in times of need. They also offer an invaluable opportunity for Ethan, and thousands of other kids like him, to keep up their education journey even when they are sick.




Ethan’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, compassion, and innovative technology in transforming the lives of sick children. The school telepresence robot service exemplifies how we can bridge physical gaps and create inclusive educational environments. By nurturing purpose and fostering meaningful relationships, educators and communities can empower students like Ethan to believe in themselves and embrace their unique learning journeys. As we continue to embrace telepresence robots and other advancements, let us remember that every child deserves the chance to learn, connect, and thrive, no matter the obstacles they face.

None of what we could do would be possible without the incredible support of you, dear reader, and our amazing MissingSchool community. We would always love to hear from you, so remember to stay in touch with us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter for helpful tips in supporting sick kids, and donate to help to build a future in which every child in Australia can be Seen and Heard.

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