How Charity Can Help Education Systems: Izzy’s Inspiring Tale Of Tech And Friendship


MissingSchool’s journey began back in 2012. Since our beginnings, we’ve made huge strides in technology, whether we’re deploying robots in classrooms or helping teachers to capitalise on their school’s digital infrastructure. We’ve driven change in policy at the school, state, and federal levels, and helped countless seriously sick kids to stay connected to school. We’ve become more than just a charity for education; we’ve become a movement brightening kids’ lives all across Australia. Today, I want to take a moment to reflect on a recent story that inspired me to think about MissingSchool’s beginnings, and the hope for growth that every journey can have.


Bright New Beginnings

The first year of school is a milestone filled with a whirlwind of emotions—anticipation, excitement, and a tinge of nervousness. It’s a journey into the world of learning, friendships, and growth. For Izzy, a brave young soul set to embark on her Kindergarten adventure, this experience was no less thrilling. However, life had presented her with a unique challenge – a diagnosis of cancer at the tender age of 3, which set her on a distinct path, different from her peers. This is the remarkable story of Izzy’s unwavering spirit and the transformative power of technology in education, as her journey intertwined with a telepresence robot provided by MissingSchool’s charity for education.


A Brave Heart’s Journey

Izzy’s journey into the world of education was not the typical one. Her diagnosis cast a shadow over the excitement of her first school year. Yet, despite the odds stacked against her, Izzy’s determination and courage remained unshaken. Her spirit epitomised the belief that every child, regardless of their circumstances, has the right to learn, grow, and embrace life’s opportunities.


Connecting Dreams with Technology

In the face of adversity, Izzy’s mother understood the significance of education in her daughter’s life. Eager to ensure that Izzy could experience the joys of school, she reached out to MissingSchool—a beacon of hope for families navigating the challenges of educating a sick child. MissingSchool’s charity for education offered a lifeline in the form of a telepresence robot that would bridge the physical gap between Izzy and her classmates.


A Robotic Companion in the Classroom

The telepresence robot provided Izzy with a virtual presence in her Kindergarten classroom—a testament to the incredible strides technology has made in facilitating inclusivity and accessibility. With the robot, Izzy could actively participate in lessons, engage with her classmates, and be a part of the vibrant school environment she had longed for. While the telepresence robot enabled Izzy to be present in the classroom, it was the shared commitment of her teachers and peers that truly brought the experience to life. Their warmth and empathy transformed the robot from a mere device into a conduit of connection. Through it, Izzy could ask questions, contribute to discussions, and even partake in creative activities, reaffirming that the human spirit thrives on connections, regardless of the medium.

Izzy and her robot

Beyond the Classroom

It wasn’t just in the classroom that the robot helped Izzy’s journey. Her peers were thrilled by the excitement of the robot and the chance to meet her and get to know her. There was not a single student who was not excited to talk through the robot. Some of them even took the robot out into the playground so that Izzy could hang out with them while they played, and to assemblies so Izzy could join the whole school. Through this shared sense of warmth and kindness, Izzy could participate just as though she was any other kid in Kindergarten.

Because she had such a good network of friends, all of the pieces were in place for Izzy to flourish. Her friends started sharing their work with each other through the robot, and writing letters to each other to stay in touch. These physical reminders were an extra layer or proof that Izzy belonged with the class. The robot also gave Izzy a helpful routine to keep up to speed with schoolwork and properly get her learning started.


A Journey Fuelled by Resilience

Izzy’s story is a testament to the strength that lies within every child and the resilience of the human spirit. Her unwavering determination to overcome obstacles mirrors the power of a supportive community rallying behind a common cause. It’s a reminder that even in the face of adversity, dreams can flourish when nurtured by love, technology, and the unwavering belief in a brighter tomorrow.


Championing Inclusivity: Lessons from Izzy’s Odyssey

Izzy’s journey encapsulates vital lessons for educators, families, charities, for education, and societies at large. It underscores the importance of inclusivity in education, urging us to embrace innovative solutions that break down physical barriers. It shows us how things which begin as a project from one charity for education can inspire great things in the world. It reminds us that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and connect, regardless of their circumstances.


Hope Springs from New Beginnings

As we witness Izzy’s remarkable journey, we’re reminded that education is not merely about textbooks and classrooms—it’s about empowering young hearts to thrive and dream, even in the face of challenges. The telepresence robot provided Izzy with more than just a window into her classroom; it symbolised the boundless potential of technology to create meaningful connections and transform lives.

In Izzy’s story, we find a reflection of the indomitable spirit of children and the unwavering dedication of those who believe in their potential. Let it inspire us to continue championing inclusivity, fostering hope, and embracing the possibilities that arise when technology and compassion join hands. Izzy’s journey is a testament to the fact that every child’s voice matters, and with the right support from the community and charities for education, they can overcome barriers and make their mark on the world.

For us at MissingSchool, stories like Izzy’s always inspire us to be more. They remind us of the hope and joy that our work can bring to people, and encourage us to share these stories far and wide. We dream of building a world in which every child in Izzy’s situation can be connected to their school, and we would love you to share in that dream.

None of what we could do would be possible without the incredible support of you, dear reader, and our amazing MissingSchool community. We would always love to hear from you, so remember to stay in touch with us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter for helpful tips in supporting sick kids, and donate to help to build a future in which every child in Australia can be Seen and Heard.



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