Hats Off To Teachers! On World Teachers’ Day…

We’ve got some exciting news in this week’s newsletter! Tomorrow, the 27th of October, is World Teachers’ Day, and a celebration of all of the hard work that teachers do, every day, to make the world a better place.

We’ve also got some exciting news to share about what we’re launching on World Teachers’ Day to support and back-up teachers in the journey to keep kids with complex health conditions connected to their schools.

Hats off to teachers! On World Teachers’ Day…

Teachers don’t just “teach”, they play a vital role beyond instruction, significantly impacting their students’ lives by fostering community, inspiring, and sharing knowledge. Teachers unlock potential, build confidence, and encourage lifelong learning, helping students discover their passions and strengths.

Every day at MissingSchool, we witness the dedication of teachers supporting students with complex health conditions to stay connected to their school community despite absences. Across the years we’ve trained and assisted over six hundred teachers in the use of advanced telepresence robot technology, over two-thirds in government schools with a majority supporting students in Year 6 or below.

Regardless of state or territory, or education sector, these teachers consistently go above and beyond to make a meaningful impact for kids facing tough times. Teachers make so much happen.

World Teachers Day MissingSchool 2023

One of the best parts of our work is getting to hear all the amazing feedback from students, parents, peers, and the whole school community. To celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we want to share some of the incredible messages we hear about our teachers.

We’ve heard stories about teachers’ creativity:

“I just think all of her teaching, and her whole teaching team, they were just amazing. They always were so creative with what they did.”

We’ve heard countless accolades from families whose teachers’ personality and energy made all the difference:

“I don’t know whether any other person would’ve been able to do this with my kid except for their teacher. She just has that personality, her interaction with all the kids is amazing. She’s just an amazing human, she really is. I cannot thank her enough for the opportunity. She was just fabulous.”

And we’ve heard of teachers working incredibly hard to keep sick students engaged and connected.

“It was the teacher getting the kids excited when the robot moved, knowing that was a connection to the child at home that was controlling it. It was the teacher touching base with me every morning to say, in that informal conversation, “Are you jumping on today? And if so, we’ve got X, Y, Z. Which one will you be doing, so I’ll make sure it’s charged and ready to go?”

Teachers truly are an endless force for good in the world!

Teachers mean so much more to us than academics, they really are a lifeline to learning, having fun, playing, growing, and becoming who we are.

So hats off to teachers everywhere – thank you for the incredible work you do, every day, to make our world a better place.

It would be impossible for us to stay the course – in our work with teachers to support sick kids – without you.

There are many ways to help:

Every action moves us closer to the finish line: a world where every sick child is seen and heard.

Let’s keep connecting.

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