Building Evidence For Transformative Practice. Granted!

$20,000 reasons to thank St George Foundation! This week, the Governors of St George Bank Foundation announced the approval of a grant of $20,000 to MissingSchool and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY). The grant means that, together, we can champion first-of-its-kind research in Australia for kids who experience the multiple disadvantages of serious illness and separation from their school friends and education. Go here to read about the research for Keeping Seriously Sick Kids Connected to School: Building Evidence for Transformative Practice.

There is a small but growing body of research around the educational needs of kids with serious illness and the effect of school absence on their mental and emotional health and wellbeing. There is however a clear absence of quantitative and qualitative data and literature for the Australian context. MissingSchool is guided by the principles of collaboration and evidence for practical, preventative interventions. That’s why we’ve asked ARACY to help research what young people with serious medical conditions really need from their schools and how those who care for them can help. Co-badged, the research findings will be disseminated through the MissingSchool, ARACY and St George Foundation websites, in expert forums, and through our organisational memberships and wide networks. An important part of the research outcome is producing an “infographic” version of results for the kids themselves. MissingSchool banks proudly with St George. And now, together, we can help disadvantaged “little guys” build better todays and more secure futures.


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