A Theory Of Change Map For Missingschool

In June, 2016, MissingSchool commenced the development of its Theory of Change for the problem of school connection for seriously sick kids, and in late 2016, MissingSchool articulated a systems governance framework/policy hierarchy to support the mapping process. The governance framework covers education, health and family perspectives through legislation, principles of law, policy, standards, measurement, procedures, guidelines and practice. The Theory of Change maps the context of the problem of school disconnection for seriously sick kids from the problem itself, down through governance levels of causes, to root causes. The problem map went through many iterations and was developed to its current format in June, 2017. MissingSchool will now develop a complementary solution map to focus on multiple solution pathways and interventions that build evaluable evidence for the change. The Theory of Change work will continue over the next year. We made representations to and held consultations with Commonwealth, State and Territory politicians and officers on school connection for seriously sick kids.

MissingSchool also:

  • discussed an approach to tabling the issue with the Secretary of the Education Council under COAG
  • engaged with all major party candidates prior to the ACT Election
  • had the opportunity of a private audience with the Governor General to present the issue
  • sought and achieved agreement from ACT Education Minister and Directorate to participate in small-scale trial of telepresence robot technology to connect sick kids to school when they are absent
  • represented the issue by interview to the ACT Students with Disability Resource Allocation consultation led by former Discrimination Commissioner, Graeme Innes
  • pursued renewed connection with Commonwealth Education Minister Birmingham’s office
  • submitted to ACT Students with Disability Resource Allocation Review, and
  • continued contribution to and role on ACT Education Disability Education Reference Group, national Health-Education-Learners-Parents Committee (including informing the development of the H.E.L.P. Conference held in September 2017), and Sydney Children’s Hospital Kids’ Cancer Centre Parent Advisory Committee.
  • conferences and presentations


MissingSchool appreciates the opportunity to participate in the conferences and presentations. These provide valuable opportunities and connections while sharing MissingSchool’s advocacy work.


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