We’re creating a world
where all children are
seen and heard.

Across Australia, chronic physical or mental illness affects up to approximately

30% or ~1,200,000

They risk missing school for months to years.

Our vision is to cure these kids of loneliness and gaps in learning by keeping them connected to their classmates and continuing their education.

We have thousands of data points which tell us that one of the best ways to boost their mental health and wellbeing is to ensure they don’t feel forgotten. So we’re on a mission to support every sick child with ongoing access to their classroom which means that while they are absent from school they can always be present.

We need your help to get kids with complex conditions seen and heard at school.

Helping carers
support their kids


When a child has a serious illness or injury, it’s not easy. Right alongside the medical situation sits their social isolation and your anxiety about them missing school.

We’re here to help. We can support you with resources and conversations with your child’s school, and the right technology to keep them connected in real time to their learning, teachers, classmates and whole school community.

Helping schools
play their part

kids teacher

More than a ‘nice to have’, the Disability Standards for Education require schools to give students with illness access to school facilities, accredited curriculum, and learning alongside peers.

When your student is hospitalised or homebound in a health crisis, we make it easier for your school to meet the Standards by supporting you with knowledge products and technology to continue your student’s learning and social connection.

What you can do


Support your student.
We have simple steps in place to help schools meet the Disability Standards so your student with serious illness who is absent can continue their education on equal terms to others.

Friends and family

Support a child.

If you’d like to support a child who needs our See-Be robot service you can start raising funds. Or if you’d like to contribute to an existing campaign to raise funds, we can set it up.
Friends and family

General public

Every cent helps.

If you’d like to support MissingSchool, all donations are tax deductible and your contributions will go directly to helping a sick kid have an equal chance at reaching their learning and social potential.

General public


Make a difference.

If you’re a business and want to keep sick kids connected you can donate a robot, become a corporate sponsor, or pledge pro bono support.

Join the #IfIMissedSchool movement

#IfIMissedSchool I would never have met the French teacher who inspired me to end up living in Paris for 20 years. You can help the kids missing out on school by donating at the link in my bio. What’s your favourite school memory?

#IfIMissedSchool I would never have met my BFF for life, Lorna. Share your favourite school memory and donate to help sick kids stay connected to their school.


#IfIMissedSchool I would never have discovered my love of chemistry and become a scientist.. Did you know over 60,000 kids miss school due to illness? I’ve donated to help them, and you can too at the link in my bio.

Does your child need support?

Our telepresence service is free to families and ready to roll for sick kids who are missing school for medical reasons.

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