Monkeys report : April 2014

10 April, 2014
Monkey (2016_09_24 03_10_48 UTC)

This report is intended to be a monthly summary of findings from the Monkey-in-My-Chair evaluation. It is likely to vary in length from one month to the next. To read more about our findings from March, click on the link below.

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It makes a difference to be remembered

8 April, 2014

Read about Hayley and Fernando this month in Brisbane Child. (Article reproduced with kind permission of the publishers.)

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The View From The Pointy End Of the Cannula

28 March, 2014

The notion of “inpatient truancy” is interesting and perhaps closer to the truth than is immediately apparent. A kid who is playing truant is a kid who is escaping or avoiding being where he is supposed to be, and that’s exactly what every sick kid in his heart of hearts would like to do.

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Have Your Say

14 March, 2014

In an earlier blog post, we mentioned Megan Jackson’s research into how schools can use apps like Skype and FaceTime to keep adolescents with chronic illness connected back to their classroom. Megan is now hoping to hear from people who can comment on how schools might be able to work better to support adolescents with […]

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