Telepresence Robots


MissingSchool launches telepresence robot pilot to keep sick kids connected to their regular schools



MissingSchool has launched a telepresence robot pilot with funding from St.George Foundation’s new Inspire Grant. MissingSchool’s pilot will place up to 75 telepresence robots in willing schools to demonstrate that continuous two-way connection is possible between seriously sick children and their classrooms when they are absent, missing school.

The pilot begins in the ACT before being rolled out to other states. See our media release.

If you’re a sick kid, the family of a sick kid, a teacher, principal, or health professional interested in participating in the pilot, or if you’d just like to keep up to date with the pilot, please register your interest in the form beneath this image:


Interest in the Telepresence Robot Pilot

  • By agreeing to submit this form, you are certifying that you are over 18 years of age, the information is accurate, and that MissingSchool can use what you have submitted to contact you. If you wish to have your information removed for any reason, please contact us at