Monkeys report : August 2014

13 August, 2014
Monkey (2016_09_24 03_10_48 UTC)

Most parties have reported favourably on the Monkey’s presence in the class and the emotional support offered to the student by the knowledge that the Monkey is in the Chair. However, the Monkey’s greatest value is arguably in the more general observations and conversations which arise around the nature of the support available to the […]

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Monkey Earns Number One Place

24 June, 2014

The diners at Grill’d in Belconnen (Canberra) have voted with their burgers. In the restaurant’s January Local Matters donation campaign, MissingSchool was voted number one – of three charitable causes — for our work with Monkey in My Chair. We are delighted to accept the $300 donation.

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Monkeys report : June 2014

17 June, 2014
Monkey (2016_09_24 03_10_48 UTC)

With more schools and students trialling the Monkey, we are seeing a wide variety of different contexts where different issues are likely to arise. Some questions seem to arise predictably in almost every situation, and these are being compiled to include in a list of FAQ on this blog.

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Linking Up for Kids 2014

12 May, 2014

MissingSchool was thrilled to participate in the “Linking Up for Kids” conference held in Sydney on 14-15 April 2014 by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth partnering with Children’s Healthcare Australasia. The conference brought together 270 representatives from the health, hospital and education sectors to consider how we can improve partnerships between the sectors in order […]

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