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More than 60,000 kids in Australia miss school because of serious illness or injury
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MissingSchool is about keeping seriously sick kids connected to their regular schools and getting their special learning and social needs met through everyday practices

Supporting families with resources, strategies and helpful connections

Informing the efforts of educators, health providers, governments, and the community

Researching best practice and enabling technology to keep sick kids connected

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Watch and Listen Here! to understand how sick kids feel and what they think when they miss school.

Who are they, how do we know what works, and whose job is it?

Kids with serious illness or injury remain at home or in hospital, watching from the sidelines and missing school. Some will miss a few weeks, others will miss months, and even years. This is a national-first report into the profound challenges facing more than 60,000 Australian kids who miss school because of serious illness or injury. The start of a national conversation on their right to an education on equal terms to their peers and the benefits of maintaining connection with their schools.

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