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A comprehensive report into the challenges facing kids who miss school due to significant injury or illness aims to improve outcomes for an estimated 60,000 seriously ill Australian students. Go here to find the report – School Connection For Seriously Sick Kids: who are they, how do we know what works and whose job is it? – released on 12 October, 2015, at Parliament House Canberra.


Supporting families with information, resources, strategies and helpful connections.


Informing the efforts of educators, health providers, governments, and the community.

Best Models

Researching best practice, models and enabling technology to keep kids connected.

Raising Funds

Funding for resources, programs, research and supporting initiatives to make a difference.

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Why this?

Every year, thousands of seriously sick kids are missing school for long periods. Their siblings may also be feeling disconnected. Missing school is not just a physical thing, it’s emotional and psychological too. Kids who miss school miss the everyday learning and social experiences that help them feel better now and build positive futures.

Why us?

MissingSchool is about getting the special learning and social needs of seriously sick kids realised through everyday practices in their schools. We support their siblings in this, too. We are drawing together people who care for seriously sick kids, and adding the most important voices—those of the kids and their families.

Why now?

Being sick doesn’t stop kids from needing to do their most important work, like learning, interacting and having fun with other kids. Having a seriously sick kid doesn’t stop parents from needing schools to do their most important work. We all need to work together because there is no time that this matters more.

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