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Change always comes from the people who are most affected so please share your story and together we’ll raise awareness of missing school




Submit your personal story so that more and more people hear about what happens for kids with serious illness when they miss school. Your story will help MissingSchool to advocate for change by lifting the veil of invisibility that masks better educational support and school connection for these kids. Your story will also support other kids, siblings, families and carers — along with educators and health professionals — to find unity through the challenges and a pathway to solutions.

We recommend that you keep the name of the student’s school confidential, and only use the student’s first name in the story. Keep to an overview and focus on sharing the diagnosis journey through the perspective of the student’s academic, social and emotional experience with their school. Please ask the student’s permission before submitting this form.

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  • By agreeing to submit your story, you are certifying that you are over 18 years of age, the story is original and accurate, and that MissingSchool can use what you have submitted on the MissingSchool website, in our advocacy work, in media and publications. MissingSchool will only use your first name and State/Territory of residence and the student's diagnosis. If you wish to have your story removed for any reason, please contact us at