Contact pollies


MissingSchool has already written to over 80 Members of Parliament and your efforts will press the matter further


Please get in touch with your local state or territory and federal MPs — here’s how:


  • Write to or email your MP and tell them what you think and how you feel about this issue.
  • Phone your MP and raise the matter and arrange to hand-deliver a letter.
  • Visit your MP and have a conversation about your views or personal experience in the matter.
  • Give your local MP MissingSchool’s website and ask him or her to subscribe and like our Facebook page.
  • Encourage your local MP to become a friend of MissingSchool and the cause for which we are working.


Parent Point of View

Thank you. We have just had a student return to school after a motor-vehicle accident left him paraplegic. He is still recovering, and is tough and determined and we are grateful to have him with us. But this is all new to us here, and we are starting the journey of reintegration and catching up. Your material has been released at just the right time for us, and I am keen to read and engage with it as part of our bid to help this young man start out on the rest of his life. Again, thank you.
~ David B