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Monkeys report : August 2014

Most parties have reported favourably on the Monkey’s presence in the class and the emotional support offered to the student by the knowledge that the Monkey is in the Chair. However, the Monkey’s greatest value is arguably in the more general observations and conversations which arise around the nature of the support available to the students. A variety of more general themes are emerging.

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Monkey Earns Number One Place

The diners at Grill’d in Belconnen (Canberra) have voted with their burgers. In the restaurant’s January Local Matters donation campaign, MissingSchool was voted number one – of three charitable causes — for our work with Monkey in My Chair. We are delighted to accept the $300 donation.

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Monkeys report : June 2014

With more schools and students trialling the Monkey, we are seeing a wide variety of different contexts where different issues are likely to arise. Some questions seem to arise predictably in almost every situation, and these are being compiled to include in a list of FAQ on this blog.

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Monkeys report : April 2014

This report is intended to be a monthly summary of findings from the Monkey-in-My-Chair evaluation. It is likely to vary in length from one month to the next. To read more about our findings from March, click on the link below.

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It makes a difference to be remembered

Read about Hayley and Fernando this month in Brisbane Child. (Article reproduced with kind permission of the publishers.)

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I think without him they would not remember me

Fernando has been attending school while Hayley has been away. He has been to the science expo and the sports day, and is loving all the attention from Hayley’s friends. Read more in his report from October 2013.

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Monkey in My Chair News

In mid-2013, a student from Berrinba East State School in south-east Queensland contacted MissingSchool about ways of supporting kids who missed school because of serious illness. Hayley had been told she would need a bone marrow transplant, and she and her family knew that she would be spending a lot of time in hospital and even more time at home recovering. Hayley was keen to maintain contact with her class and also to help other kids who might be having a similar experience.

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