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TEDxSydney: How robots are connecting sick kids with the classroom

4 July, 2018

Source link article HERE “There around 60,000 kids in Australia with serious illness or injury, who are at home or in hospital, watching from the sidelines and missing school. Some miss days and weeks, others miss months and even years,” explains Megan Gilmour, Chair and Co-Founder of MissingSchool. This year at TEDxSydney, Megan took to […]

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We’re Collecting Stories!

30 June, 2018

We’re collecting stories! Read inspiring testimonials from parents and passionate care givers. Submit your personal story so more and more people hear about what happens for kids with serious illness when they miss school. And how wonderfully they respond to joining the classroom through a telepresence robot. Help spread the word http://missingschool.org.au/join-in/share-stories  

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MissingSchool Social Media

1 March, 2017

We continue to maintain the MissingSchool website as a vehicle for communicating our mission, objectives, information and resources. General website subscribers increased from 283 to 311 across the year, without a campaign. Subscribers are people who visit the MissingSchool website and elect to receive information and updates from us by email. We support our advocacy […]

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