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Siblings Australia

21 February, 2018

Siblings Australia have released a report into the support services provided for siblings of people with disability. Big surprise – there are gaps in service provision and what is provided is inadequate! SEE FULL REPORT HERE

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Who Are They?

13 October, 2015
Who are they

A comprehensive report into the challenges facing kids who miss school due to significant injury or illness aims to improve outcomes for an estimated 60,000 seriously ill Australian students. Go here to find the report – School Connection For Seriously Sick Kids: who are they, how do we know what works and whose job is […]

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Monkey in My Chair News

8 November, 2013
Monkey (2016_09_24 03_10_48 UTC)

In mid-2013, a student from Berrinba East State School in south-east Queensland contacted MissingSchool about ways of supporting kids who missed school because of serious illness. Hayley had been told she would need a bone marrow transplant, and she and her family knew that she would be spending a lot of time in hospital and […]

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Siblings Are Also Missing School

26 September, 2013

It is easy to understand that a child with an illness or disability or both may have their education impacted. They might miss periods of schooling but they may also be distracted by pain, worry or medication, especially if the latter has to be administered at school. Often it is forgotten that siblings of these […]

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