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30 October, 2018

MissingSchool is helping Hugo to go to school. His story on the connection he gets through his OhmniLabs robot is featured on the TODAY program. When you’re in hospital, or at home recovering, you can feel isolated. You don’t have your friends or classmates to chat with. You can fall behind in your schoolwork. With a telepresence robot from […]

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‘My robot makes me feel like I haven’t been forgotten’

4 September, 2018

Source: BBC News link article Internet-connected robots that can stream audio and video are increasingly helping housebound sick children and elderly people keep in touch with teachers, family and friends, combating the scourge of isolation and loneliness. Zoe Johnson, 16, hasn’t been to school since she was 12. She went to the doctor in 2014 […]

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Little Big Steps

30 August, 2018

This is what we see and hear when kids connect to their classrooms and classmates through their robot. This is exactly why we do the work we are doing. OhmniLabs — This kid!! He has been through hell and back the past 7 months. Scary, frightening, painful, hell. But this smile!! Amidst the tests, the tubes, […]

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Telepresence Robots Helping Sick Kids Stay In School

21 August, 2018

Source article link HERE More than 6000 children in Australia miss out on school due to illness or injury. When Megan Gilmour’s son took a rapid slide into critical illness, there was one thing he missed the most. It was 2010 and Darcy, then 10 years old, spent days and months on end in hospital […]

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