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Did You Know?

14 July, 2018

This Australia-first report provides insights about the challenges facing an estimated 60,000 Australian kids who miss school because of serious illness or injury. We collaborated with Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, with input from the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, to shine a light on this important issue. To read our report visit https://bit.ly/2n0i5zQ  

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Keeping Seriously Sick Kids Connected

8 July, 2018

Students who miss school because of significant illness or injury face a variety of challenges in their education and may experience a range of adverse short and long-term consequences. Academic achievement may be affected. School relationships can be disrupted. Motivation and engagement can diminish … and they can feel isolated from their friends and the […]

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Siblings Australia

21 February, 2018

Siblings Australia have released a report into the support services provided for siblings of people with disability. Big surprise – there are gaps in service provision and what is provided is inadequate! SEE FULL REPORT HERE

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July 2017 General Meeting

12 July, 2017
2017-07 General Meeting

Please join Missing School as a member and join us at the July 2017 General Meeting. Please contact us for a copy of the proposed changes to Missing School’s Rules of Association. We’d love to have you.

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