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Telepresence Robots – The Way Forward

20 August, 2017

MissingSchool engaged in further discussions, consultation and development of telepresence robots as a solution to school connection for seriously sick and injured kids. This included further development of a working proposal for a national pilot of telepresence robot technology and investigation of funding sources, potential partners and discussions with government (including the introduction of the […]

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Touring for the Churchill Fellowship

18 May, 2017
Awarding of 2016 Churchill Fellowships & Churchill Medallions at Government House by the Governer General Sir Peter Cosgrove 13/02/2017

Our Chair, Megan Gilmour is counting down the days until she embarks on a Churchill Fellowship for MissingSchool. The Fellowship is enabling us to study what other countries do to keep seriously sick kids connected to their education, schools, peers and teachers. Telepresence technologies will be a big focus in the discovery process. Megan will […]

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16 July, 2013

We’ve seen reports from several schools now which are experimenting with robotic technologies to help sick kids maintain a presence in the classroom. These have generally been in the US, although the literature records their use in Russia and some Asian countries also. The robots are mobile, controlled by the student, and carry video-conferencing capabilities […]

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