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Hints and Tips 102: Enrolment Issues

11 October, 2013

Parents of sick kids should carefully consider their child’s individual needs. It’s not that easy to work out what they will be, especially if you’re dealing with a new diagnosis. They might be about absence, mobility, medication, fatigue, pain, nausea (among others) – or they might be emotional, or social. They are all valid.

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Hints and Tips 101: Serious Illness in Kids and the School Setting

4 October, 2013
Hand drawing Partnership Puzzle Concept with black marker on transparent wipe board.

This is the first in a series of hints and tips for parents and carers engaging with schools in circumstances of serious illness or disability of a child in their care. As a regular series, we will offer practical strategies to deal with every-day type challenges encountered in the school setting in these circumstances.

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