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TEDxSydney: How robots are connecting sick kids with the classroom

4 July, 2018

Source link article HERE “There around 60,000 kids in Australia with serious illness or injury, who are at home or in hospital, watching from the sidelines and missing school. Some miss days and weeks, others miss months and even years,” explains Megan Gilmour, Chair and Co-Founder of MissingSchool. This year at TEDxSydney, Megan took to […]

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TEDxCanberra is back!

7 June, 2018

TEDxCanberra is back! And we are so honoured that our chair and co-founder Megan Gilmour has been selected to talk about MissingSchool. Divergence, the theme of this year’s TEDx, tells the story of our telepresence robot pilot. We are proud to have blazed the way for seriously sick kids to stay in school. So come check us […]

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1 June, 2018

Are you interested in GoodTech and helping sick kids go to school? Come check out MissingSchool chair and co-founder, Megan Gilmour speak at Snapchat Sydney. Get your tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/unltdbig-chat-goodtech-tickets-46871175949

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Churchill Fellowship Award

14 May, 2018

Proud recipient of the prestigious Churchill Fellowship Award, MissingSchool Chair and Co-founder Megan Gilmour travelled internationally to explore the world’s best ways to ensure seriously sick kids stay connected to their education. She discovered leading examples in Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Canada which have informed the Telepresence Robot Pilot in Australia. Here […]

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