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Representation through the Disability Education Reference Group

15 September, 2016

Since March 2015, MissingSchool has held a place on the ACT Disability Education Reference Group (DERG). Over 2016 we attended quarterly meetings and gave a verbal submission to the DERG on the findings of our Australian-first research and petitioned the DERG to advocate for an ACT submission on the matter to the Education Council (under […]

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St George Funded Research with ARACY

15 March, 2016

MissingSchool continued to work with ARACY (to finalise the St George Research on school connection for seriously sick kids. Progress across the period included:    developing and editing the three reports (metrics, models and legislation) and updating and checking data for publication,    finalising unifying definitions,    preparing acknowledgments and agreeing on branding,    arranging […]

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Organisational Linkages

20 February, 2016

MissingSchool maintained linkages or had interactions with a number of organisations including: ACT Parents and Citizens Council, Australian Capital Territory Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth Association for the Wellbeing of Children in Healthcare Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Consultative Body, Australian Capital Territory Behavioural Sciences Unit, Sydney Children’s Hospital Children’s Healthcare Australasia Cure […]

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Informing governments, educators, and health professionals

1 June, 2015

Since March 2015, MissingSchool has held a place on the ACT Disability Education Reference Group (DERG). The Disability Education Reference Group (DERG) is a community consultative forum convened by the Director-General of the ACT Education and Training Directorate. The reference group provides an opportunity for the community to have an important role in formulating advice […]

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