Tag: Collaboration

St George Funded Research with ARACY

15 March, 2018

MissingSchool continued to work with ARACY (to finalise the St George Research on school connection for seriously sick kids. Progress across the period included:    developing and editing the three reports (metrics, models and legislation) and updating and checking data for publication,    finalising unifying definitions,    preparing acknowledgments and agreeing on branding,    arranging […]

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A working paper on data collection

1 May, 2017

MissingSchool acknowledges and thanks Gina Meyers and Tony Barnett for preparing the working paper Data Collection: what data do we need? Kids with a significant illness or injury may experience an extended absence from school. Alternatively, some illnesses or injuries may lead to an accumulation of many short absences over the course of the school […]

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Code for Australia

1 April, 2017

Code for Australia is based on the belief that the problems we face cannot be solved unless a greater number and diversity of people become involved. It brings citizens, government and industry together to collaboratively solve social issues. MissingSchool participated in Code for Australia, worked on the concept and practice pitched for the telepresence robot […]

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Commonwealth department of education report

15 March, 2017

MissingSchool participated in guiding and reviewing Australian-first Commonwealth government research on school connection for seriously sick kids through consultation on the ARACY Project Advisory Group (PAG) and as a critical friend. MissingSchool also provided ARACY with access to our evaluation work on a Theory of Change and a governance and policy hierarchy for systems change […]

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